What Is Live Streaming? What Are the Basic Requirements for Live Streaming?

In the previous times, the only way for people to know what was happening at the current time at some other city or nearby country was through a radio. And the only way to watch things was through the medium of broadcasts, and the broadcasted content was pre-recorded.

But with the help of internet and constant technological advancements in the field of science, we can now watch and listen to things that are currently going on even on the farthest parts of the planet. Live streaming makes it possible for us to watch any live broadcast of a current event.

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 What is Live Streaming?

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Live streaming is the process by which a live stream is broadcasted to the devices of the users with the help of a software and through the medium of internet. Live streaming includes a lot of processes, but all of these processes are carried out at the invisible side of the website.

This provides you with the opportunity to live stream anything just by clicking on the live stream button on your favorite app. But to get a better understanding of how live streaming works, let’s take a look at each of its step below

  • Recording: To stream anything, you need to record or keep the recording on. But to stream live, you will need to have the recording on as it will constantly have to be uploaded on the server for being sent to the watchers.
  • Compressing: From whichever device that you will record your real-time video from, it will be getting recorded in huge data formats. But to convert that video into stream-able data, it will get compressed and get reduced inquality as well so that it can be easily dispersed.
  • Converting: After compressing the video file, its data gets converted into a format that is readable for the servers and their systems. This converting process is similar to that of translation as the data just gets changed into computer language for some time. 
  • Transportation: After getting converted into a format that can be read by the servers, this data is sent to the servers of whichever platform that you are using. Then, it gets directed immediately to the devices that are opting to access that data point.
  • Converting: After this data gets transported to your phone, laptop, etc., it gets decrypted and translated back into the video format that you can now use for watching the live stream.

This whole process happens in real-time and in a matter of micro-seconds now. Hence, you get to see you favorite live shows, episodes, celebrity streams etc. from the other part of the world without a difference of a single second even.

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What are the basic requirements for live streaming?

Now that we know what live streaming is and is live streaming done, let’s know more about what equipment are required for live streaming. So, the equipment that are required for streaming any event, class, session, meeting etc. are:

1. Recording Gear: 

As the first step of live streaming was recording, you need to some gear to record and transmit your video. To get at the most basic, you need a camera and a recording mic. In the times that we live in, even a mobile phone consists of a decent quality of both of these two things and can be used for a rough live stream.

But when it comes to any occasion, live show or such, then a phone cannot do the trick. You will need proper cinematography gear, which includes a huge sized camera and one or two high-quality recording mics. Both of these items will increase the quality of the recording.

Other than increasing the quality of the recording and refining its audio, this recording gear will also allow better streaming quality as even after the quality compression, the video will still consist of HD or even 4K video quality along with a theatre sound quality as well.

2. A computer:

Yeah, this sounds too simple, but you do only need a computer. What really makes the thing complicated is how high-functioning computer you are going to need. As the smaller the video size, the easily it will get compressed, the easier the load on the computer and vice versa.

But the main task of your computer setup will be to compress your video content and then transport it to your website-related server. The more capable your computer system will be, the faster will be this process of receiving the video, compressing it, and then sending it off to the servers.

3. A CDN:

A CDN is basically the platform on which you want to stream your content on. The type of content that you want to stream will base this choice. Some of the most famous CDNs are:

  • YouTube: Good for streaming any kind of content, according to your requirement. 
  • Twitch: For streaming gaming content mainly.
  • Facebook: Good for streaming entertaining and basic content for population amusement. 
  • Twitter: Good for streaming logical, news, and entertaining content for more professional population. 

A CDN is mainly the platform that connects the streamer to their interested population. The quality of the CDN will decide how many user features are in it and how good will its streaming quality will be.

CDNs allow you to not only connect with your audience but also collect the contributions and payments that they are making to your channel. This provides you with the opportunity to increase your earning potential and get better at your quirk.

4. Other accessories: 

In all the main equipment stated above for streaming your content, you are going to need many more additional accessories, such as HDMI cables, etc. So, make sure to get to know more about how you can setup your complete live streaming set so that you don’t get overwhelmed or frustrated from the process.


Setting up a live streaming setup can be quite a hefty as well as overwhelming task. Even more so for those who have no expertise in doing so or even some basic experience. If this is the same case for you, then you should seek an expert or if you don’t have that much time to learn and resources to spend, then you should opt for a live streaming service provider.

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