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Capturing all of the moments of the occasion second by second, We broadcast them to the end user directly, at the highest of quality live tv in the market so that the viewer can watch the real time happenings lively in action at their ease on their Mobiles, Tablet or Desktops.

Seamless Live TV Telecasting  

Using our super strong connectivity, We relay the recorded moments via our mainstreaming medium - Internet, directly from the capturing camera to the receivers devices like Mobiles, Tablets and Desktops.

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Live Streaming Services in Chennai

Live Streaming

We provide the top-notch Live streaming service in Chennai exclusively to our clients so that they can witness the occasions on a grandeur platform, giving them the feel of ultimate exhilaration every time they experience our live streaming technology for Weddings, Parties, Corporate Events, Academic, Sports and Cultural Events.

Web Casting

The web casting services we offer is arguably the best in business, banking on our uniquely well built higher bandwidth network, specifically customized for our clients to experience a great visual treat coupled with perfectly tuned audio quality and uninterrupted streaming facilities.

Our Streaming  Platform

You Tube

So great in quality that One may wonder if the 'YouTube' was itself invented specifically for our Inspire Network Streaming services!


With the most happening streaming sensation on board, Facebook, we have a great track record of customized Facebook streaming that utilizes the potentials of this social media giant to the fullest of its utilities!


Our streaming services for both professionally managed Instagram pages and some budding ventures are of high quality and personalization that even the latest versions of Instagram streaming feel like home!


Make your website goes live on the instant with our web live-oriented customized services!

We are Streaming

Traditional Events
broadcast your traditional events, such as weddings, spiritual events, etc. to family and friends all over the world. Through our service.

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Corporate Events
We provide the best real-time streaming services for product launches, meetings, conferences, presentations, etc.

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Sports & Cultural Events
Experience the best real-time streaming services of sports events and cultural events (such as championships, university festivals, etc.),

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Educational Events
Lively broadcast your educational activities, such as online classes, seminars, public lectures, etc., through our live streaming service.

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Lively broadcast and experience your TV shows, concerts, club party, musical events, entertainment activities, etc.

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