Things That Every Live Streaming Service Must Provide
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Things That Every Live Streaming Service Must Provide

The recent ongoing pandemic has made many people grow fear against crowds and large masses of people being gathered at one place, and no party, celebration, event, or concert is fulfilled without having a large mass of people. But in the age of the internet that we live in, this is not a problem anymore. 

Streaming is a process by which a service provider broadcasts a recorded video or audio through the medium of satellites or cables. Live streaming is a modern adaptation of the traditional streaming process. In it, the service provider broadcasts the ongoing, live, event to the viewers through the medium of the internet.

This process is beneficial to millions of people all around the world. if you have the proper bandwidth, you can even live stream your content to the audience living on the opposite edge of the world and receive money from them as well.

Live streaming provides your business with the ability to increase its targeted audience all around the world and earn as much as possible. Live streaming is also a preferred option by many viewers as it allows them to stay at home while being able to attend any event without having to travel to other parts of the world. 

Essentials for a live streaming service.

A live streaming service is hands down the best and cheapest alternative to the traditional method of content broadcasting or event attending. But even after being so, while getting a live streaming service provider for yourself, you should make sure that there are some things that your lie streaming service provides must provide as well.

Some essential things that every live streaming service must provide are as below.

 1. Top-notch stream quality

While the live streaming method provides you with unfiltered content in real-time, it does not mean that you have to compromise with the quality of the stream that your audience is going to receive. A good live streaming service consists of a robust infrastructure and a proper CDN.

Both of these elements work together to provide your audience with the best video quality of the live stream. While looking for a streaming service, make sure that it consists of a good CDN (Content Delivery Network). Doing so will get your stream to work perfectly and consistently.

Top-notch stream quality is important for your business as any form of distortions in your event’s video quality will instantly make your audience lose interest in your event and give up on watching it. 

2. Huge Audience Hosting

One big pro of live streaming that makes it better than hosting an in-person event is that you get to host an audience with no limits. In physical events, you are barred to host as much amount of an audience as the space of your venue allows you to, but this is not the case in live streaming.

With a proper live streaming service provider, you get the ability to stream your event to as many people around the whole world as you want to. In physical events, there are many times when many of your audience is unable to reach the venue and is unable to watch the event. 

In the case of live streaming, your audience is able to watch your event from any place all around the world, whether it is from the sofa in their house, their bathtub, or even their office. This is even a financial pro and getting to a different place just to watch an event can cost a lot.

3. Ease in analytics 

When hosting a professional event, you need to keep a track of a lot of analytical data. This data is quite hard to read if gotten wrong and can even decrease your viewership in the future, if not kept on track properly.

Every good love streaming service is equipped with the tracking tools and analytics dashboard for helping you in properly evaluate the data and get some final suggestive results with it, which can help you in making your event better and get more viewership and profit the next time.

Most of the things that you can see in your analytics dashboard are viewer numbers, the behavior of viewers during the Livestream, contributions gained, and engagement of the viewers at different intervals of your event. All of this data will help you in forming a better content strategy.

4. Customer Support

After getting a live streaming service provider India for streaming your event, there are going to be many times when you’ll get confused. When times like such come, finding online troubleshooting methods can waste a lot of time for you and your team.

For making sure this doesn’t happen, you need to get a live streaming service that provides you with 24/7 customer assistance and support. Having so will allow you to call customer support as many times as you want and at any instance without any hesitation.

The customer support of any live streaming service provider is knowledgeable and provides you with any information that you might need in relation to any problem with the live streaming service that you may be facing at that time. 

5. Mobile Streaming

Mobile streaming is a must-have facility in the times that we live in. Live streaming itself provide your audience with the ability to watch your content from anywhere. But let’s be real, no one has a laptop or a desktop with them at any time. But what everyone does have all the time is their mobiles.

If your live streaming service provider is unable to provide the service of mobile streaming, then there is a huge chance that you can even lose more than half your online audience in an instant. This is because a majority of your audience is going to be watching your stream through their mobile.

To make sure that you get the most amount of audience for your event, get a live streaming service provider that provides the service of mobile streaming. Most of the platforms on the internet will allow you to present your live content to devices like tablets and mobile through the use of a dynamic HTLM5 player, instead of the old-age Flash technology.


Broadcasting your content in the live format to your audience is the very reason that live streaming services exist. All of the live streaming platforms are based on providing your created content to your audience in a way that presents you as a forward-thinking and tech-savvy company.

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