5 Things to Look Out for While Choosing a Live Streaming Service Provider

5 Things to Look Out for While Choosing a Live Streaming Service Provider

In recent years, changes have occurred in every possible field of work there is. This includes how content used to get streamed to you, a viewer, too. Everyone likes to watch the episodes of their favorite series, favorite movies, favorite concerts, and the latest news as soon as they come out.

Streaming platforms make this possible by streaming the pre-recorded content to you after charging you with their fee. But due to the advancement of tech in the period that we live in, live streaming is now has become one of the most preferred ways of watching your favorite content in real-time. Whether it be a concert, a business conference, news coverage, or even distance learning videos, live streaming makes it all possible.

Live streaming allows you to present and offer your content to the whole world and hence, to a much bigger audience. This increases your earning capacity as well as popularity in the whole wide world. 

More about Live Streaming:

Allowing your audience to attend your event without even going out of their home can intimidate them a lot and increase the chances of your sales while decreasing the cost of your management. But due to its huge amount popularity, there are many live streaming service providers in the market. This can cause a lot of confusion for you, as someone who is looking to hire a live streaming service provider for live streaming your event. To make sure that you don’t get lost in the process due to the overwhelming amount of service providers, you can look for some things in your preferred service providers to make sure whether they are right for you not. If you want to more about how you can find the best live streaming service provider for yourself, then contact our team at Inspire Networks who specialize in this sector.

So, below are the 5 things to look out for while choosing a live streaming service in chennai provider that is right for you.

 1. Video Paywall:

If you are someone who wants to get a music concert, sports event, video tutorials, or anything like that get streamed, then you must make sure that your service provider provides you with the ability to monetize your content. This refers to your content having an audience that is willing to pay and donate to your event should be able to do so through your service provider’s platform. Service providers make sure that your video content is secured and hence, payment can only occur through video paywalls. This type of live content is similar to the pay-per-view events in the physical world. Educational courses along with seminars and other similar content also come under this category. Video paywalls are way more effective for generating income rather than in-site advertising. In-site advertising often irritates your viewers that makes them leave the live event. It is not the same in the case of video paywalls, where people pay for attending the live session and do not get any sort of advertisements in between the session. 

 2.  Social Sharing:

One of the best ways to increase your profits and the popularity of yours through an event or seminar is by making sure that it reaches as much audience as possible. More amount of people being able to watch your video will increase the chances of your sales getting evermore. In the time that we live in, the best way to increase the popularity of anything that you want is through social media. To make sure that your video reaches the most amount of viewers, you have to put some faith in your existing viewers and allow them with the feature to share the link of your video with their friends, family, and colleagues. Sharing the link of your video is only possible if your service provider includes the feature of social sharing, through which your viewers can send and share the link of your video to others on any social platform. The chain of one person sharing with another can allow you to have an audience that consists of people from all around the world. This will allow you to maximize your gains.

 3. Ability To Analyze:

Constantly publishing video content online, that consist of a huge variety of content types, such as live seminar, live lecture, and live tutorial, over an audience that consists of people all around the world and handling the payment that you’ve received from them can mess you up for good. To make sure you can do all these tasks without giving up out of frustration, you should make sure that your service provider must consist of analytical tools. These analytical tools can help you in sorting the whole process into many small processes, which you’ll be able to handle with ease. 

The whole process can be broken down into steps which include:

  • Tracking your views.
  • Analyzing the growth of your content viewership.
  • Keeping the track of revenue that is being generated, and .
  • The global impact that your content is having.

These steps are all quite important in the process and hence, you should make sure that your content provider must deliver these tools for your ease of working.

 4. Website Video Embedding:

If you have a website of your business or are collaborating with another website for the display and promotion of your live events, then you would need the link of your video for providing it to your viewers. This will only be possible when your service provider will permit the website embedding of your video content. The feature of website video embedding is very crucial in redirecting viewers of various platforms to land on the page where your content streams. This feature is also important for the feature that was stated above as you can only provide a link to your viewers on social media if your service provider allows you to. Embedding your live video content’s link in various websites, along with yours, allow you to create a centralized spot for the gathering of your viewers and the displaying of your content. 

 5. Technical Support:

When talking about live videos, do not forget that it is still progressing and there are going to be quite some instances when you’ll be requiring the assistance of your service provider’s technical assistants. Hiring a live stream service provider that provides you with 24x7 assistance allows you to stream your content without any hesitations as there will be assistance available at the tip of your fingers at all times. 

 Wrap Up:

While looking for a live streaming service provider for your company from now on, make sure to look out for the points that are stated in this article so that you can get the best out of the amount that you’ll be spending. There are lots and lots of choices when it comes to living streaming providers in chennai, in the marketplace. These innumerable choices can leave you overwhelmed in many instances. If you are looking for a service provider that will provide you with all the points that are stated above, then contact our team at Inspire Networks. We excel in providing our clients with industry-leading streaming services at very affordable prices.

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